There is no cantata for this Sunday, since Bach didn’t write any cantatas for Lent. So I thought maybe it would be nice to share some background stories I wrote over the past years that aren’t related to any specific cantata, but might be unknown to those who subscribed to this blog after January 2018.

I started writing this blog in January 2016, as a tribute to my mother, and have now published 180 posts. In 2018, I explained how the birth of my blog was prompted by a broken dishwasher. You can find that story here.

To learn more about Bach and his cantata compositions, read my post about Bach in Weimar, my post for California Bach Society’s blog about Bach and his musician friends in Weimar, and my post on this Weekly Cantata blog about Bach in Leipzig. Also find a virtual tour through Bach’s Leipzig, provided by the Bach Archives in Leipzig, here, and a terrific documentary about Bach’s entire life here.

If there is anything you’d like to know more about or have questions about, please let me know in the comments below, or send me a direct message on Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you for following this blog!

Wieneke Gorter, February 20, 2021.